Introducing Rogue and Hydra

Rogue and Hydra are just about 8 weeks old and are comming home to us early. Rogue and Hydra are our very first under the Kaymann Collies!

Hydra is a Sable Rough girl - Mild CRC

Rogue is a Sable merle Smooth girl - Mild CRC

These two girls are out of my Co-bred litter with Glasgowhill Collies - Can CH Glasgowhills Good to Go ex BISS AM GRCH CAN GRCH Sylvan Argents Pumoed up kicks

There was a total of 8 puppies in this litter:

4 Rough Boys (2 sable, 1 Blue, 1 Tri), 1 Sable Smooth boy

2 Rough Girls (1 Sable (Hydra), 1 Tri (Lyric-staying @ Glasgowhill Collies))

1 sable merle smooth girl (Rogue)

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