Passing the test

Hydra and Rogue went to London today to see if they would pass their Canine Good Neighbor (CGN), well we are pleased to say that both girls passed with flying colors! For our American friends this is equivalent to your AKC CGC test.

The CGN test includes the following:

Accepting A Friendly Stranger

Politely Accepts petting

Appearance and Grooming

Out For A Walk

Walking Through A Crowd

Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place

Come When Called


Reaction To A Passing Dog

Reaction To Distractions

Supervised Isolation

Walking Through A Door/Gate

We didn't have any doubts about these two passing we have always been fan of this test as its a great stepping stone into the Pre Companion Dog (PCD) and Rally Obedience work.

Rogue also got to try her nose at scent detection today she did great without any hesitation she was able to find the evergreen scent and the birch scent right away without having any previous training or work. The instructor who was holding the demo was astonished at how smart and how good her cue was for a scent. As soon as she smelt the scent we asked her to look for she would paw the box (as if she was pointing at it) telling us here is the scent right here!

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