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Our Story

How we Started...


I (Kayla) have been born and raised with collies. When I was a kid about 2 or 3 years old I used to run to the window when someone pulled in the driveway and barked like a dog. That seemed normal to me living in a remote town of Calibogie Ontario. That was when everyone knew I was going to be another show crazy dog owner.

As time moved on, I grew up, went to college for electrical engineering, moved out, fell in love with my now husband, Jason McMann. We decided it was time to branch off and do our own thing with our own breeding program. With 1 baby here ,Gavin, born in Sept 2017 10 weeks early we haven't put our dreams of having to the standard healthy collies in hold.


My mom (also in collies) will always be a mentor, She taught me most of what I know about collies now. We need a strong future for our beloved breed, one that won't follow fads of the dog show ring, one that's dedicated to the longevity of all the collies we own and produce, and one that will promote for the future.
We are young; we are the future of our breed. 

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