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This page was updated on 01-Nov-2022

All our dogs live in the house with us, there is no kennel environment. Because we live in a small village we try to keep our numbers low (Approx. 5 dogs) so each dog can get the individual attention and care that they need and deserve. 


If interested in one of our dogs please fill out our online application - This puts you on our waiting list/email list 


Planned Litters/ Available

We currently have no puppies or adults available.

We do have CCA friends with available collies - Let us know if you are interested and we can forward you in their direction.

We will continue to plan upcoming breedings we will notify our waitlist when the stars align for our girls.

Caregiver homes -

Are you local? Willing to let us show? Willing to let us have 1 or 2 litters from a female?

We are always looking for caregiver homes for show puppies and breeding dogs, if you can provide a loving, stable home for one of our dogs and wouldn’t mind “sharing” him/her with us, please let us know. Fostering allows us to maintain contact with some of the best dogs we produce, while still allowing others to enjoy them as family members. Please contact us to apply or to learn more. -Please note this is not a free dog, a purchase price is still involved at a slightly less cost.  

Past Litters

Litter of 2020

Luma x Wilson jpeg.jpg

Litter of 2019


Litter of 2018

Hydra x Thor.jpg

Litters of 2017

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