From time to time we will have adults looking for their forever homes, these will be either puppies we grew up for conformation and breeding that ended up not turning into that show superstar we expected or a collie that has been retired from our breeding program. These are collies that need a home that will pamper them more than we already have. 
All our dogs live in the house with us, there is no kennel environment. Because we live in a small village we try to keep our numbers low (Aprox 5 dogs).


If interested in one of our dogs please fill out our online application - This puts you on our waiting list


Planned Litters/ Available

Luma x Wilson litter was born October 15 2020 

1 Tri Girl, 1 Sable Boy, 1 Sable Girl - Click on parents photo to see puppies

Luma x Wilson jpeg.jpg

Jackie x Wilson litter born October 25 2020

2 blue smooth boys, 1 sable smooth boy, 1 sable rough boy, 1 tri rough boy, 1 sable marle  rough boy, 1 tri smooth girl

Jackie x Wilson.jpg

Hela x Nico litter due late-November 2020 - Unconfirmed

This litter has been reserved by our waiting list. Roughs and Smooths expected

Heading 2

Caregiver homes needed

We are always looking for caregiver homes for show puppies and breeding dogs, if you can provide a loving, stable home for one of our dogs and wouldn’t mind “sharing” it with us, please let us know. Fostering allows us to maintain contact with some of the best dogs we produce, while still allowing others to enjoy them as family members. Please contact us to apply or to learn more. 

Co-breeding / Leasing

Kaymann Collies will lease out females to approved breeders if we do not have any immediate plans for our girls. Kaymann Collies will remain owners of the bitch with the leaser listed as a co-owner during mating and birth of puppies - transfer of ownership is at the cost of Kaymann Collies. All of our females are dual registered (Always CKC / AKC reg). All prenatal and postnatal care, registration of puppies in the country they were born (AKC or CKC), care of puppies, dam, and eye CERFs are the responsibility of the leaser.

Kaymann collies have a $500 USD deposit for a leased female at the time of pickup or delivery. Once puppies are born the price of 1 puppy ($1000 USD) is due to sign off on litter registration. Kaymann Collies may ask for a puppy back (2nd pick) instead of the price of 1 puppy at the time the puppies are born.

If no live puppies are conceived 1/2 the deposit will be returned to the leaser.

In the case of a singleton puppy, only 500$ will be due at the time of birth instead of a puppy back or the cost of a puppy.
We ask to stay co-owners on leased bitches in case anything happened to the leaser during the time our bitch has stayed with you.

Past Litters

Litter of 2019


Litter of 2018

Hydra x Thor.jpg

Litters of 2017

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