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Kaymann Collies is offering Kayla's talents with graphic design and is wanting to design your next advertisement. 

What we ask for :
Clear digital photos and a description of what you'd like to see in the advertisement also the sizing information needed. Example: COL- 960 pixels (width) x 540 pixels (height) - 72 DPI

All proofs of the advertisement will be sent to the owner to confirm quality of work. Once payment is received, proof signature is removed from the final item. This advertisement can then be sent to whichever outlet you would like to advertise with. 

Cost for digital online magazine ads (Collies online, Canuck Dogs, CDF Weekly): $50USD
Cost for digital images for a print magazine ( Show Sight,  Canine Dog Fanciers, CCA yearbook, expressions): $75USD


Kayla will do individual photo shoots of your dog for you. Minimum 5 of the best photos will be edited and sent via email Dropbox. The cost of this service varies. Unfortunately we are looking for a camera upgrade so photography must be outdoors, we will always look for a spot nearby without distracting backgrounds.

At a dog show $50USD for first dog
                           $25USD for every dog afterwards owned by same person

Kennel Visits $200USD for photos of every dog in kennel  + mileage over 75 miles.

How to pay

PayPal -

Cash or Check - Checks to be made out to Kayla McMann


Contact Us @

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